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She first realized my passion for psychology when she took an introductory psychology course at  in Walnut, California. She was a biology major who thought of becoming a pediatrician. But since she was little, she really would spend class time drawing and later thought being an interior designer or architect would be cool. She soon continued the track towards medical school because of the passion she had for helping others and well, family pressure. It was not until entering college that she decided to receive the change of heart and choose the field of PSYCHOLOGY. 

Today, she tells my college students to really do what they love and the journey alike. This brings me to tell you about her completion of a Bachelor of Science degree  in PSYCHOLOGY from California State University, Fullerton in psychology in 2010, followed by a Master of Science degree at California State University, Fullerton in 2010 in CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY.  The psychology program is known to be rigoruous accepting close to only 18-10 stundents in the master program each year. She was one of the first students in her cohort to complete her program in two years, finishing her research thesis, right on time to follow her dream to open a solo private practice.  Today she is a current PERSONALITY psychology professor at CSUF and one of the best part about it is that she gets to see her former professors and can call them by their first names in the campus hallways.

While completing my higher education, I worked as a supervised visitation provider in the community of Fullerton, making every effort to keeping children safe. I worked with custodial and non-custodial parents, children and families.  I continued my interest in working with at risk adolescents in continuation high schools.  My work as a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern came full circle when I started working at a non-profit mental health clinic serving individuals and families in need.  I expanded to working with individuals who were court-ordered needing parenting and/or anger management therapy and those who voluntarteered in these grourps searching for a relief from a variety of relationships issues, wether with themselves or their loved ones.

This work is my life agenda and today, in my private practice work, I seek out high functioning clients, couples and individuals, who are already doing very well for themselves in an area or many areas and are seeking to be even greater.  They know within they are capable of much more than  and I help them with one important ingredient which is to finding what they are truely in pursuit of. That ingredient (unique desires) is indeed unique for each individual and each couple. 

 High functioning, busy individuals desire to be BEST at everything and desire to have the BEST of everything. You may think to yourself why speak to a therapist? The answer to that is maybe as simple as WHY not. If the capacity to receive is held and if the client takes radical acceptance and responsibility for leading the life they want to have, then it can actually be very TRANSFORMATIVE to speak to a Solution-Focused Brief therapist.

More times than not, clients appear in therapy when they feel at their worst and unfortunately feel a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. They present with problems which they think are bigger than them or with issues that take over their well being. It is true that each individual/couple have a rich history and things may become very difficult for them. In the midst of that, I find that my approach to helping them as their psychotherapist using Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, them to observe timely differences that they are very much pleased with.

I always believed that: "The process of therapy and the outcome of therapy should not be considered two separate things. Early research supports that the process or what goes on between, and within, the client and the therapist during the course of their interaction is very significant". (Orlinksy and Howard, 1986). It is from this interpersonal perspective that I operate when supporting my clients.

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